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Medana Bay to Wakatobi

Medana Bay to Wakatobi

Linda swimming in the cone of a volcano on Satonde Island in Sumbawa
We departed Medana Bay in Lombok on 15 March, ignoring the warning about the 'Ides of March' except that we settled our debts before leaving.

Donetes and Stars End 2 departing Gili Lawang

Finding ourselves still at the tail end of the north west monsoons we had decided to head north east to Raja Ampat.

From Medana Bay our journey took us to:
Gili Lawang (Lombok)          15 Mar   39 NM Badas Harbour (Sumbawa)    16 Mar   47 NM Kananga (Sumbawa)              18 Mar   37 NM Kilo (Sumbawa)                     19 Mar   43 NM Gili Banta (Komodo)             20 Mar   66 NM Gili Lawa Darat (Komodo)    22 Mar   16 NM Labuan Bajo (Flores)             23 Mar    22 NM Bari Bay (Flores)                   26 Mar    28 NM Lingeh Bay (Flores)               27 Mar   32 NM Bone Rate (Sulawesi)            28 Mar   68 NM Wanci (Wakatobi)                  30 Mar  195 NM
Total                              …