Safely in Geraldton

Well we finally got away from Fremantle at 7:15 on Tuesday morning. After 31 hours of motoring with 4 metre swells and 20 knot winds, not what we saw in the forecast, we pulled into a terrific floating pen at Batavia Coast Marina in Geraldton.

(Just to prove we are here :-). )

While Donetes handled the conditions perfectly, it was too challenging a first leg with seasickness and lack of sleep making our first leg an uncomfortable one.

Committed to not repeating the same, we are resting up in Geraldton for a few days before very favourable conditions make for a pleasant sail to Shark Bay on Saturday, arriving Sunday morning.

Went shopping today for some essentials (chocolate) and luxuries ( electric heater and microwave) and a couple of good books to enjoy for the next couple of days while we aren't tending to the many chores on a liveaboard sailboat.


  1. Glad you made it there safely hoping the sail up to Shark Bay is more enjoyable


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