One Week To Go

One Week To Go

It is one week to go until we leave on our big sailing adventure.  The past month has been exhausting, frustrating, stressful and expensive.  With three days left at work and a couple of farewell functions to attend major outstanding issues are:
Donetes 'straining at the lines' eager to depart: ex sails :-(  
  • cruising permit to Indonesia
  • clarification of check in requirements in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand 
  • Checkout requirements from Broome
  • Setup of Predict Wind Account for weather forecasts
  • Setup of E:mail on Iridium Go Satellite
  • Completion of new Main Sail, fitting, measuring for patches, removal and refitting with patches
  • Test Sail
  • Move of boat to Mindarie
  • Provisioning
  • Boat Insurance
  • Test Rainman Waterrmaker
  • STOP, STOP, STOP......
Passport Mug Shot

Our Iridium Go Satellite modem is now activated.  Our Satellite phone number is 881623484893

It is starting to feel real.


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