Update 27 Nov 17

Update 27 Nov 17

We have arrived safely back in Perth, arriving the day before flights to/from Bali were cancelled due to Mount Agung erupting.  I now have time to catch up on our blog for the period  in Lombok and Bali (separate post) however our mind is very much fixed on the erupting volcano.
Mount Agung Erupting

Our thoughts are first with the people living around the volcano and their safety, and the people of Bali who we have seen are so affected by reduced tourism.

However our boat is moored just 38 nautical miles from Mount Agung and is now starting to catch a slight covering of volcanic ash.

Direction of Ash Cloud - Donetes Location at Blue Spot - Gili Gede

Donetes with Mount Agung Erupting in Background

We will be monitoring the situation closely, including with the help of fellow cruising boat friends in location, who we hope remain safe.   Absent ash free rain, we may have to return to the boat to clean off the highly corrosive ash and potentially move the boat to a new location; though options nearby are limited.

Oh, and now Tropical Cyclone CEMPAKA has been named by the Indonesian Meteorological Agency, located just to the south of Java and west of Lombok: travelling east.........

The Journey So Far

The Trek of Donetes 1 Aug - 24 Nov 17


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