Back Underway - After Wonderful Trip to Perth

After a wonderful trip to Perth highlighted by the birth of our Grandson Joshua, Christmas with our daughters and their husbands and partners, Rebecca's weightlifting debut and two visits to the new Perth Stadium to see great cricket matches (if poor results) we are back in Lombok.

Joshua Taylor Dry

Ali meets her little brother for the first time

Proud Grandparents

Happy Family Christmas Photo

Long walks along the coastline near home were a delight

Scorchers Semi Final with Gary and Wendy (and Shannon and Lance out of shot)

Back to the wet at Gili Gede

Pleasant view from Palmyra Bungalow Resort

Oh those sunsets

Mount Agung clearly visible on our departure from Gili Gede

Moored safely at Medana Bay Marina. Able to appreciate the special views again.

And so we prepare to travel on.  Having paid some locals form the Gili Gede Marina to clean our hull, it turns out that they were a little too enthusiastic on the rubber boot that surrounds our sail drive (like the bottom half of an outboard that sticks out of the bottom of our hull behind the engine).  The purpose is to smooth the waterflow over the hole through which the saildrive sticks out.  I bought some rafia and have run a line from one side of the deck, under the hull, to the other side of the deck holding the boot in place until we can get the boat out of the water to glue it back on.  Fingers crossed.

It is currently very dark (in the middle of the afternoon) and it is raining in Medana Bay.  We are departing tomorrow morning having decided to head east (with the prevailing winds) back along the north coast of Lombok, Sumbawa and Flores to Riung and then north to Salawesi, and then north east to Raja Ampat (via Ambon) after which we will head back west through the north of Salawesi to Kalimantan, along the south of Kalimantan to Kumai (to travel up the river and see the orangutans) and then west via Belitung to Riau, then to Malaysia and Thailand later in the year (of course having left the country in August to renew our visas (yawn)).  We will be looking for a place in Malysia to haul our boat out to get some minor repairs done.

Anyway that is our plan.  Thanks for following us and we hope to bring you much more interesting (not tooo interesting haha) news over coming months.


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