Medana Bay to Wakatobi

When we posted our itinerary that showed we were visiting Kilo again we received this encouragement to stop and visit the english students.  Who could resist?

Medana Bay to Wakatobi

Donetes under full sail departing Gili Lawang (photo courtesy of Stars End 2)

Linda swimming in the cone of a volcano on Satonde Island in Sumbawa

We departed Medana Bay in Lombok on 15 March, ignoring the warning about the 'Ides of March' except that we settled our debts before leaving.

Donetes and Stars End 2 departing Gili Lawang

Finding ourselves still at the tail end of the north west monsoons we had decided to head north east to Raja Ampat.

Our position in Wakatobi on 12 April

Our planned course from Wakatobi to Raja Ampat and return

From Medana Bay our journey took us to:

Gili Lawang (Lombok)          15 Mar   39 NM
Badas Harbour (Sumbawa)    16 Mar   47 NM
Kananga (Sumbawa)              18 Mar   37 NM
Kilo (Sumbawa)                     19 Mar   43 NM
Gili Banta (Komodo)             20 Mar   66 NM
Gili Lawa Darat (Komodo)    22 Mar   16 NM
Labuan Bajo (Flores)             23 Mar    22 NM
Bari Bay (Flores)                   26 Mar    28 NM
Lingeh Bay (Flores)               27 Mar   32 NM
Bone Rate (Sulawesi)            28 Mar   68 NM
Wanci (Wakatobi)                  30 Mar  195 NM

Total                                       15 days  593 NM

Course planning takes many hours and we use many resources including cruising guide books, Pilot Charts, Navision Charts on our Chartplotter, Ipad, iPhones and of course paper charts.  We have recently started using OpenCPN and Google Earth on my laptop drawing on the many tracks and waypoints generously donated by other cruisers such as Sherry McCampbell and her husband on Soggy Paws and Terry Sargent on Yacht Valhalla.  We also use various blogs and websites just for cruising yachts such as Noonsite and receive very helpful advice from friends on Facebook Groups like Sail SE Asia and Rebak Yachties.

Navision C Map on Chartplotter
Draft course and Navision Chart on Ipad

Google Earth view of Wanci Lagoon
in Wangi Wangi showing artificial
cut in reef through which large ferries
and wayward cruising yachts travel
Google Earth- Lingeh Bay showing boats
with anchor lines blocking the entrance to the lagoon
The long journey of Soggy Paws
Sample of waypoints contributed by Terry Sargent on Yacht Valhalla

Open CPN Chart overlaid with a Google Earth Photo

The following are some highlights of our trip from Medana Bay to Wakatobi.

Lake inside volcano core on Satonde Island off Kananga

Satonde Island
Satonde Island

Steve swimming in the volcano

Linda swimming in the volcano

Children at Kilo on Sumbawa

Wahyu Di Udin outside his home where he voluntarily teaches english

Udin's students who treated us to a very warm welcome and a hearty meal

We had to feel special

Gili Banta - uninhabited island near Komodo

Linda and Frank burning rubbish on the shore

Fishermen from Bima on Sumbawa who we met at Gili Banta

Donetes at anchor on Gili Banta

Phinisi a Gili Lawa Darat

Donetes and Stars End 2 rafted up sharing a mooring at Gili Lawa Darat

Labuan Bajo from restaurant overlooking the harbour and Donetes on Mooring

Donetes and friends

There were not too many places we visited where we didn't quickly after arrival receive local visitors seeking school writing books and pens or other gifts: here tied up to our boat in stiff current at Lingeh Bay

Satonde Island

Clever photo of local boat taken through the binoculars

Badas Harbour on Sumbawa

Donetes and Stars End 2 at Badas Harbour

Stars End 2 at Gili Lawang

Sunset at Wanci

Linda returning from night markets with Rani the skipper of a liveaboard dive boat

Rani's boat

At Wakatobi before the sail was stowed

Our brilliant guide and friend Mely at Wanci

An unhappy boat in Wanci

A visit to the boat by Immigration officials

Linda and Mely

Bike ride in the rain on Wangi Wangi

Sheltering with more new friends

Our bike for the day on the large wharf at Wanci

Adding essential provisions using local logistics at Wanci

Meeting with Mely's english students on Wangi Wangi

Night Market

Central market making friends

The boys who we paid to clean the bottom of the boat in Gili Gede got a little enthusiastic rubbing off the rubber seal around our sail drive.

The girls are doing ok without us

More than can be said for us.  Missing everyone at home.

Sunset in Wanci

Peace and quiet on Satonde Island

Biking around Wangi Wangi in the rain

Snorkelling in Wakatobi



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